Our Vision:

The Farm in Galong aims to provide a place of restoration for women and children affected by substance abuse. We aim to reunite families and provide a strong foundation for long-term recovery.

Our Values:

  • Respect for all in recognition of the inherent dignity of each person
  • Awareness of the need for family, community and participation for life to be meaningful
  • Respecting rights and meeting responsibilities
  • Care for the most vulnerable in our community
  • Unity within our differences: we are our brothers and sisters’ keepers
  • Environmental stewardship

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The Farm in Galong Ltd was formed to address particular aspects of the problem of drug abuse in the community. Two things were of specific concern and became the focus of the group’s planning: recidivism and the effects of drug use on the user’s family. One particularly tragic effect is the removal of children from their parents. They believed that a place was needed that provided care after rehabilitation for people seeking to consolidate their recovery. They also felt there was a need for women only services to address their specific needs, especially those connected to inter-personal trauma and the removal of their children.

In 2017 the group was offered a convent on three acres in a beautiful rural setting to use as a post-rehabilitation facility for women. The site is ideal for the program, offering residents a quiet and secluded environment away from the pressures of modern urban life.


The Farm is a modified Therapeutic Community where residents live and work in an atmosphere of honesty and mutual respect. The Farm believes that it is the community itself that effects change through the support and help residents give one another. Living together in a way that is conscious of how we affect one another brings self-awareness and growth.


The Program aims to consolidate skills acquired in previous settings such as abstinence, a sense of self-worth, initiative and responsibility. It aims to equip residents for independent living by offering vocational and training opportunities and helping them to establish ordered, reflective and productive habits of life. For those residents who have had children removed, the Farm works with them towards the restoration of their children.

The program is designed to address the particular needs of women recovering from addiction and its aim is to help women achieve a permanent turn around. It is strength based, focusing on what the woman has achieved on her recovery journey, and her particular talents, experience and character. Counsellors work from a trauma informed perspective, aware of the correlation between substance abuse and trauma among women.

The program’s focus is on integrated and sustained recovery. Treatment extends to all aspects of the person including their physical, psychological and spiritual needs.

The day to day timetable involves a regular rhythm of meditation, manual labour and study. The manual labour is the care of the convent and grounds, including some light farming. Residents receive individual case management from qualified counsellors.

During their time here at the Farm, residents complete a course of training and begin the process of restoration of relationships with their families. Residents become increasingly independent as they move through the program and, in consultation with staff, monitor readiness for re-entry to independent living. Readiness is judged as the ability to access a job, a house and a social support network.

The Farm charges residents 80% of their Centrelink benefits. For those not receiving benefits, the weekly cost is equivalent to 80% of the full Newstart benefit.

The Farm has a zero- tolerance policy. Anyone found with drugs or alcohol on the site will be immediately discharged.


A therapeutic community is a treatment facility in which the community itself, through self-help and mutual support, is the principal means for promoting personal change.



Self-worth and Confidence

To restore a sense of self-worth and confidence to women who have been caught up in the culture of substance abuse and to reunite them with their children.


To generate broad community awareness about the need to help this sector of the community, and in so doing procure the involvement and support of local people, churches, business and government.

Training and Social Network

To provide training and a social network for women so that they can re-enter mainstream society with a job, a house and a community to support them in an ongoing way.


To provide a secure, happy and nurturing home for the children of the women who come.

Purposeful Life

To provide an environment that counteracts the harmful habits that women have developed or been victims of: a disciplined and purposeful life in the context of a nurturing community and an opportunity for supported motherhood.

Necessary Support

To work in tandem with other carers to provide all the necessary supports including legal and medical care.


The Farm is a restoration project. The restoration of the building and grounds is a metaphor for the work of restoration of lives. It aims to halt the intergenerational harm caused by substance abuse by providing supports for women and children that meet the needs of the whole person and reflect their human dignity.


  • Women who have successfully completed drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs and wish to consolidate their recovery
  • Women who have experienced trauma and abuse in inter-personal relationships and need time to heal.
  • Women who have children in out of home care.
  • Children who are in out of home care.
  • The extended families of this cohort.
  • Individuals and communities who have been touched by these problems and would like to help.
  • The community at large who would benefit from the development of awareness of the seriousness of these problems.


The Farm in Galong